male plant 7 weeks

  1. Newbill10

    Organic Fresh Male Strawberry Cough Plant Makes Great Medicine!

    I used a fresh, green male plant with lots of unopened flowers. I baked the freshly harvested plant for 25 min at 270 degrees. Simmered the leaf with Organic Coconut oil for 1 1/2 hours. WOW results! Wonderful muscle rub. Great male toner also, seems to help with the badder and prostate. Warms...
  2. S

    Male amomg Females

    Found a male among my females...plucked off all his tiny balls :+)... Put him back with the females... any danger off pollinating if I keep castrating him ? I just hate to see the plant get wasted. Take a look at my photos and you will see what I just cut off. Thanks for the help in...
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