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    Doctors willing to prescribe marijuana in Ontario - free

    Because it's so hard to find a doctor, Just wanted to let everyone know that I found a place thats free. the place is called Bodystream.
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    Bad Seed: a tale of mischief, magic and medical marijuana

    :peace: Check out Shayne Metcalfe’s Documentary film Bad Seed follows stories of medical marijuana users, activists and the tale of a tiny little seed; a seed that has the power to change the world of all those who are courageous enough to nurture its growth.
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    Dr Selena Eon - Best MMJ Doctor in Seattle!

    If you want a REAL Naturopathic Doctor experience you should check out Dr. Eon. She is the best! She will work with you and not just try to get you out of the door. She has a nice comfortable office and not only does Medical Marijuana recommendations, but as her main focus, a really cool and...
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