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mars hydro reflector144

  1. 192B5B55-610A-4E84-965B-ED345F758045.jpeg


    Thc bomb can’t describe he smell when I open the bag to be reviewed .
  2. A0F5AE52-F33B-4491-897B-9C186D04CD6B.jpeg


    Thc bomb under the reflector 144 about 2.2-5 ounces of crystal coated bright orange haired buds . Not bad but fluffy shoudl have dropped lights closer . Lots of popcorns and trimmings from it . But still not bad since I screwed up and over fed her.
  3. 134F00D8-CAD3-4060-A808-49700434A930.jpeg


    Washed and hanging rh 62% in room and temp 66f day two hanging. This was from Reflector 144 light as well
  4. 5321A15B-035F-4905-9650-F9AE4490C278.jpeg


    Bomb seed shots
  5. 8C2FE1D3-38A3-4C80-9C31-FD9041039409.jpeg


    Bomb seed tent doing well again No pest to report going to flip any day just need to pull the trigger
  6. 670227F5-30BA-4044-9C17-413CA9A305B8.jpeg


    Thc bomb- bomb seeds day 70 something as well
  7. 547CAB95-BF28-4737-8DA5-2A122D083EF6.jpeg


    Bomb seed tent haven’t seen them reach like this look at those fans all reaching to the cannabis heavens
  8. 47F945E0-0BE5-44D0-BD71-25B0916CA1FE.jpeg


    Training and time sure does make it look pretty
  9. F5D0D52E-FD9C-4728-A3F9-3675F4457EEE.jpeg


    Bomb seeds day 66 veg trying my best about 30 what I belive to be baby stage of white flies / possibly gnats . Hit with neem oil and let medium go bit longer dry out fed ppm of 350 ish -400 2.5 ml z9 2.5 ml cal mag 2.5 grow an nutes ph perfect 2.5 ml micro 1 ml bloom See how it take a...
  10. 85FB3356-3448-4125-80E2-2DEADAF94383.jpeg


    Bomb seed tent 4x4x6.5 Includes: 2 x thc bomb and 2x widow bomb been battling pest thirps or gnats since the get go . Limited amount of them but still enough to be present and make a pest of themselves see what I did there lol
  11. 21E6F0A0-FAE9-4721-9B55-C51201E375C5.jpeg


    My bomb seeds days 42 veg or week 6 veg
  12. 20170918_210809.jpg


    Dinafem White Siberian, 3gal coco, 2x Mars Hydro Reflector 144x5, GH Floranova+additives
  13. Kingjoe83

    King's Winter Bomb Seeds & Purple Monkey Balls 2018

    Hey everyone welcome to my new journal where I will be using type A light and type B I will be using advanced nutrient ph perfect trio with cal mag by GH and z7 by flying skull. Strains I will be running for this journal will be Thc bomb and widow bomb of seeds to crack off for bad reasons...
  14. 4A8FC0E8-77D3-4CDF-AE03-BC54FB28AA73.jpeg


    Oh my gosh I took 4x2.5x5 tent down tonight wow . Moved OGC and big bomb into big tent lots of room but OGC is doing very well big bomb seems stunted or something will see big bomb now under fushion at 10” and OGC around 15 inches away under reflector 144 mars hydro series
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