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    2 Massive Midgets Autoflower - Recirculating DWC - Advanced LED XTE

    I sprouted these two girls in soil 18 days ago back on October 10th, both in 3 gallon fabric pots with ocean forest soil, this is a 70 Day autoflower strain called Massive Midget. Tonight I decided I'm going to take a gamble and convert them to DWC from Soil. I just let both dry out a bit after...
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    Fast & Vast - Massive Midget Autos - Lemon Kush - Afghani - 2x650W LED

    My grow with 2x 650wt LED hangers, Fast and vast, Massive Midget autos.
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    noob taking on a massive load

    hey hey been an avid smoker for a few years. but recently the jane has opened my eyes to possibilities i never thought were possible where i was in life. im about to start my first grow. ill start my journal soon any tips would be awsome. FYI first time grower with 300 1000w HPS lights...