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    I must be dreaming - With medical card I can fly with weed - Save 25% - Grow more

    I heard that some airports are cannabis friendly and that the law is slightly lax on MMJ patients. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Plus, taxes on medical marijuana would be far lesser than that imposed on recreational cannabis. And grow eight times more than recreational...
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    What benefits are MMJ users going to get with a medical card in California from 2018?

    Seriously though. You can start buying recreational weed from January in the state. If you are going to get a MMJ renewal, what type of benefits are you hoping to get from it? And those looking to buy one, please explain how medical marijuana patients are at a much better position than...
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    Getting a Medical Card in Washington State or Oregon?

    Hi, everyone! I'm as new here (and in the entire cannabis world) as could possibly be. I'm here being guided by SweetSue (luckily) but I wanted help with options for getting a medical card. I don't necessarily want a naturopathic physician who wants to work on my whole health (been there...
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    Does anyone have experience with HelloMd?

    I was wondering if anybody on here has been authorized in California via HelloMd. Seems like a good service but I didn't find a lot of reviews of its service online other than what it has on its site. Is it trustworthy and legitimate? Thanks in advance for the responses. Glad to be apart of the...