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    Pink kush shot Barneys farm hint of pink showing hard to see in pic .
  2. Oldbear

    Oldbear's 8 Month Outdoor Grow Space In A Northern Climate

    Hi anyone. I wanted to share what I have in mind for setting up an outdoor grow space that I can run from mid-March to mid November. All thoughts and suggestions and questions welcome. :thanks: I've been getting a lot of very useful information here: Maine 4-Season Grow Considerations...
  3. R

    Would I start growing in mid June

    Hi guys, i'm a newbie and don't know much about growing weed. I've ordered 8 different strains and as i tracked the mail they're about to come. But i'm planning to start germination on mid june becuase of my nutrients will be here about 12th of june. I'm planning to grow my first cycle...
  4. T

    Does this sound right? Advice fellas

    Gooood morning my fellow brothers. So where do I start. I never intentionally set out to grow cannabis but however fact of the matter I do now. Information is everywhere but I'd rather hear of a current grower etc. So my set up. Currently using tent green cube 2.4x1.2 currently devised in...
  5. Z

    Is this heat stress?

    I have a outdoor scrog going and last week we had about 5 days of 100+ Degrees. During that time the new growth on a couple branches started bundling together. The temps this week have only been in the mid 80's so I thought it would recover but it is only getting worse. Anyone know what is...
  6. Kushe

    Kushe's re-try /w some Mid bagseed

    I have restarted my plants outside in a new plot. I planted them yesterday so i don't expect them to sprout for another day or so. I was wondering what kind of soil is reccomended for an outside plant, and also how long a normal plant takes to sprout, and what kind of fertilazer is good for...
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