1. L

    Pax3 vs The Mighty

    I'm on my 2nd Pax3. The 1st one was working great, but I put concentrate in the special chamber, and the chamber locked up in the end of my vaporizer. Anyway, I've been ready about The Mighty, and are wanting to get one. They are $$$ but I got the fever. How does it compare as far as pulls on...
  2. T

    Mighty Wash by NPK

    Going to add this to my arsenal for the war against spider mites. It is early and we know they are there and what can happen next. We also have a case of thrips. Gave a good soil drench with SNS-203. Treated with SNS-217 yesterday evening also. Gave them a good coating top and bottom. I see too...
  3. D

    Dirt's Attempt To Flux Mighty Grape

    Hello everyone and welcome to my attempt at fluxing. Strain - Fos Mighty Grape Genetics - Dynamite x Grapefruit Indica or sativa - 100% Indica Veg - 12 days old Soil - my recycled reamended mix Lighting - veg tent 2x 250w CFL flower tent 400whps Container size - currently in a 1 gal...
  4. Richard Richardson

    A Review Of The Mighty Portable Vaporizer From Storz & Bickel

    The Mighty is a portable vaporizer from German manufacturer Storz & Bickel, makers of the iconic Volcano. As an avid water pipe fan, I have been trying to turn myself on to vaping rather than combusting. I have a child who can burst into the room at any given moment and the bubbling sound...
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