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    Mini fridge hydro advice and design

    420 Magazine Forums 1 Mini fridge hydro grow advice Mini fridge hydro grow advice Bonza Cannabis Seeds Mini fridge hydro grow advice Thread: Mini fridge hydro grow advice Reply to Thread Unsubscribe from this Thread Tags: advice, fridge, grow, hydro, mini Mini fridge hydro grow...
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    Mini fridge hydro grow advice

    I'm looking to get one of the bigger of the mini styles and convert to a hydroponic set up for 2 plants. I'll be doing this in an insulated attic in Texas, so I'm looking for advice on keeping a hot humid attic the right temp. I have looked into hooking up an AC thermostat up to the fridge...
  3. W

    Mini Split Question

    Hi 420'ers, Questions about min split coverage. I often see the various BTU ratings that mini splits spew paired up with the square footage of the space they will cool. Shouldn't they be rated with the cubic foot area? For example, I have a shed that is 64 sf, but the area is ~ 700 cu...
  4. Wreckedsummer

    Completed Wreckedsummer's - CFL - Bonsai Garden

    Hey Friends, Family and New Followers :welcome: Round 2... Fight! I am starting a new journal, with new hopes and goals: - Want to help new CFL growers; somewhere for discussion, guidance and ideas. - Improve my techniques through the amazing guidance of our experienced members. -...
  5. Hemposaurus42

    Abandoned 1st Grow Stealth Mini Fridge DWC Hydro

    Hey everyone, First time grower here, and I'm jumping in with both feet on a personal stealth setup. The Setup: -Gutted Mini Fridge 3x3 Interior Space, w/ Foil Reflective Surface -PVC Light Rack w/ 4x 42watt CFLS, and 2x 20w Orange CFLs for Bloom -Ventilation Fan w/ DIY Carbon Scrubber -7...
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