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modular scrog

  1. Mr Bins

    Welcome To The Bin Lab! Mr. Bins' Modular Aero SCROG - 2017

    I've been building out a new grow setup this summer using high pressure aero / DWC hybrid under COB LED lighting. All flowering will be done using portable SCROG modules that can be disconnected in seconds and wheeled around like carts. Central res is auto topped up with RO water via float...
  2. CaneyeBus

    Caneye's Perpetual Hempys - Modular Scrogs - Multi-Plant Single Pot Sog & More!

    Hello :420::welcome: to my first journal! This journal should have been started Jan 1st, i was having issues with my Ipad along with a bit of procrastination. No worries, I will catch this journal up to current date. What strain? G13 Labs Pineapple Express-Indica...