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  1. S

    pH & other sensor monitoring using Datadog

    I do server monitor type stuff as an occupation and I have recently been introduced to a monitoring service called Datadog. They have a free offering up to 5 servers, so it's easy to get started with them. Anyways I had the idea to use their service to create some dashboards to monitor pH /...
  2. Fennario

    Remote monitoring

    I'm looking to be able to monitor a couple of different rooms and an outdoor garden and I'm looking for any suggestions. At the least I'd like to set up a cam in each area and if I could I'd like to monitor temp and humidity. Expandability would be good too. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. T

    CO2 controller

    Hey there, Recently I purchased a CO2 monitor and level controller and it's working quite well for me. I increase the CO2 in my grow room as I heard it improves growth. I also heard that supply CO2 at night is wasteful as plants do not use CO2 at night. This CO2 monitor has a light sensor so...