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  1. Blue281

    Blue281's Simple Automated Feeding System

    Simple Automatic Watering System. What you'll need: 1 - Arduino UNO rev 3 1 - USB cable 1 - 12v 1000mA DC power supply 1 - 1N4001 diode 1 - PN2222A transistor 1 - 220 ohm resistor 1 - peristaltic pump 1 - tubing that fits your peristaltic pump (not pictured) 2 -...
  2. J

    Water pump recommendation.

    im setting up my 1st aeroponic build in my room. im using 4 pcs of 4 inch x 4 inch x 6 foot pvc. inside each pvc, im setting up 5 mist nozzles inside. so i have a total of 20 mist nozzles for my setup. Im still waiting for the nozzles to arrive from E-bay tho heres my photo of said setup in...
  3. B

    DIY centrifugal fan, need electrical help

    Hi everybody. I've built this squirrel cage fan using a motor from a Vick's Starry Night humidifier. It's been so long since I gutted it I can not remember how the motor was wired and can't get the stock speed control to work. I'm testing the fan on straight 110v and it works great but I get a...
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