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    Day 63
  2. Matanuska Trichomes.jpg

    Matanuska Trichomes.jpg

    Day 63 Trichomes
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    Day 56
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    Matanuska Nug.jpg

    Day 56 Nug
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    Day 49
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    Day 42
  7. atf "femenized" male : dutch seed shop

    atf "femenized" male : dutch seed shop

    yeah... another batch of "femenized", from dutchy, with 60% males. no kiddin. wanna know what they did? nothin. common outcome for me, from them, in the END. U can see the disdain i treat hims with... I'm just going to use them, for the sex. atf is a personal fav, from when smoking still did it.
  8. K

    Chasing Thunder - Searching For Alaska's Most Legendary Cannabis Strain

    "This isn't it," said Roger J. Cobb, looking at a marijuana bud between his fingertips. Cobb was standing in the rain outside of a Big Lake apartment building, where he'd just been given some marijuana to identify. The question before him: Was this the legendary Alaska cannabis strain...
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