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  1. Mutant#2flush.jpg


    Mango kush 2nd gen clone different pheno then all others
  2. harvest ready... she's talkin. u can prolly do this, with ur cell...

    harvest ready... she's talkin. u can prolly do this, with ur cell...

    final flush. still!- live pistals! had to shut her down. 16 wks, for a 10wk strain... white widow xtrm: dutchseedshop . i damaged the mother's dna, accidentally, when ph probe bought the farm. she handed her mutated traits, down.
  3. Kraizk

    Newbie from the UK could do with some help with first grow

    hey guys and gals new to growing here and think im doing pretty well lots of reading and very much enjoying the whole process, im mainly focusing on micro growing and scrog as i dont have loads of space so im growing 2 plants to see if i can grow some healthy plants this is my grow space, i did...
  4. CoralineJones

    Favorable genetic mutations in marijuana plants

    hi all long time lurker, first time poster, just wondering if anyone would be interested in crossbreeding diff mutations n see what happens currently growing a mutant which had a single fan leaf under every branch n looking for any other mutations that people may be interested in sharing...
  5. G

    Hello from Vancouver Island

    I'm 72 and grow 4 outdoor plants annually to alleviate seizures and arthritic pain. Weirdest thing with this year's plants 2 different species. Bought them as clones and when I planted them in late April, the leaves on both types were nothing like a regular leaf. After a month 2 plants of the...
  6. T

    Sunni, a clone, What is wrong with these pictures?

    Check out Sunni, her mom (Solar) is outsite and flowering nicely at this time. Not large, had some chickens break her in half, we duct taped her back together and took clones coz we thought she might not make it. But there was an early clone, Solar Girl, who is in the closet and flowering...
  7. C

    Weird mutation

    hi everyone im new to the site and was hoping to get some information regarding a weird mutation that i have come across. My friend brought me a seedling the other day knowing that i have had a fair amount of experience in rearing plants of all kinds and this one has me askinf questions. This...
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