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  1. growchick

    DWC Hydroponic - Indoor - Autoflowering Narcotherapy - 2015

    I'm growing out 5 Narcotherapy Autoflowering Feminized seeds. Genetics: White Widow X White Widow X Afghan Kush X Rudelaris Genotype: Mainly Indica Suitable for: Indoor/Outdoor Yield: Approx 550/m2 indoor & 900g/m2 outdoor Seed to flower: Approx 60 days Mould/Pest resistance: High THC: 20% CBD...
  2. F

    420 newbie Novice grower ready to begin

    :Namaste: hello 420 world new here but I have big dreams. I hope to soak up as much knowledge from you all that I can. Beginning a crop this week. 18gallon dwc advanced led 300 and an eBay 450w x3w chips led autoflower grow. Red poison, auto bubblelicious, auto white widow, and possibly a...
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