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    hello, new member here. i'm 19 and looking to learn some stuff i don't already know . i restarted smoking weed earlier this year. around april and as a stoner, i think i'm pretty chill {my opinion) i wanna make all kinds of edibles i might even sell em if they're good enough but i do...
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    Hydroponics please help

    First time grow question (seedlings/hydroponics) Hi I am starting a hydroponic grow from 4 five gallon buckets drip system. I bought a humidity dome and heat mat my question is once they sprout how long before I take my rock wool cubes and place them in the 5 gallon buckets with clay rocks? I...
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    Hello from Colorado

    High - my name is Kadee and I have been a medical marijuana grower and care provider for 6 months now. I taught my self how to grow from the internet and I love it. Right now I am growing aeroponically with Gener Hydroponics 3 part seris only. I am going to cut some clones today and go to...
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    Hey everybody!

    I'm new to the site, and i'm interested in being a 420 girl! Does anyone know how I can do that?? ;) I live in NC, though I'm a northern girl at heart. I've been smoking several years, loving every minute of it. I smoke everyday, both medicinally and habitually. My favorite thing to do is...
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