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    I need to pass a drug test 13 days from now

    i haven't smoked in 8 days. i was a heavy smoker, just herb. although prior to those 8 days i used a wax pen for about 3 days. i have been taking niacin pills for two days and flushing my system with tons of water, green tea, gatorade, and cranberry juice. I've been running for 20-40 minutes...
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    my favorite products

    Hey everyone, So I figured I would share a few products with you that I love! So I have here my favorite stash tin: Here is some Niacin, I am sure you have all heard of it, this one though is much better than the generic ones you can find. It makes you sweat like a mofo but it works to...
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    Pass your urine drug test using niacin at labcorp

    so im a heavy smoker...smoke a half of loud in 5 days alone and use the roaches for the last 2 days before I reup. mindful i smoke by my lonesome. Recently i walked out on my shitty fast food job and started searching for general labor and plant jobs. Had 3 pre employment test and passed all...
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    More information about niacin

    So let me first say please don't tell me that using niacin pills to pass a drug test doesnt work because i know it does i have numerous friends that use it to pass drug tests all the time. my situation is im gonna be randomly drug tested several times a month for the next three months and i...
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