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  1. teejkanna


    :welcome: DarkRoom Street 60x60x140 Supergirl from Nirvana x2 its a indica / sativa mix, indica dominant it has been flowering 4 weeks now first time lst training exp & growing indoors aswell if we dont count the balcony :439: local flower store soil (without extras like perlite), 11,5 L pots I...
  2. Anubis420

    Anubis420's Low-Budget Indoor White Widow Grow - 2009

    First grow in my new place, so this should be interesting as there will probably be quite a bit of improvisation as we move along. I'm utilizing two closets, 3x3 for germination and initial veg, when they start to get some size, will move them into either a 6x8, or 9x12 closet I have...
  3. Nudeh

    Nirvana's Papaya 125 W

    Hello there fellow stoners. Let me just intruduce myself, Im 20 years old and from Sweden, and like alot of people on this forum my great passion is growing. Im using this foreign forum instead of a swedish variant because of Mr. Paranoia. If you are having trouble understanding what im typing...
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