1. S

    Nutrient deficient?

    Hi all, this plant is on day 18 and looked to be going strong up until this point however I am noticing growth that doesn't seem right. First image shows the issue and second and third image shows different plants under the exact same conditions and feed. Strain- velvet moon Age- currently...
  2. Squirrel05420

    Best beginner nutrition

    I'm wondering what is the easiest nutes to use I was using MG 20-20-20 last grow and I was wanting to go and get some real stuff made for cannabis? Gaia green, Remo, general hydroponics?
  3. G

    Nutrition schedule question

    Hi Guys, I have a question about this nutrition schedule attached below. From what I see, I understand that this is the feeding schedule for an auto-flower. Because the whole cycle is 12 weeks to harvest. According to this table how should I continue to feed normal plant after the second week...
  4. C

    Nutrition or wait - 13 days in

    Im 13 days into my grow started from seed they are booming have been using root growth up till now im asking if its to early to add total nutrition plant food i have read diffrent thing hoping someone with couple grows could help me out Thanks
  5. J

    First grow problem using White Widow Auto

    hi, It is my first grow planting White Widow Auto, On day 18, i found some stains on the leaves and thought the soild PH value was too low (around 4-5) or light was too close (using 40W LED at about 10" distance from plant). After adjusting PH to 7 and light to about 20" distance, it seemed...
  6. G00ch

    Join me in watching a live plant nutrition course

    I will be watching and hopefully asking a ton of questions tonight at 8pm est for Harley smith who is a genius when it comes to plant nutrition this lesson is called plant nutrition II organic biostimulants sign up here NPK University Upcoming Events for free and listen and ask questions and...
  7. G

    Unsure about my nutrition - Insight is needed

    Hello! I've begun being suspicious of my nutrition and wanted to see what the rest thinks of it, as i dont know what to look for in nutrition i'm going to post the entire backinfo from Contains 100ml. Nitrogen 5.1g Ammonia 2.0g Phosphorus 1.0g Potassium 4.3g Sulfur 0.4g Calcium...
  8. R

    Spots on Leaves

    Can anybody tell me what may be causing these spots. They are all over the plant.
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