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    Low Level Marijuana Arrests Increase In De Blasio's New York

    Arrests for low levels of marijuana possession were up in 2016, despite City Hall's insistence that it has focused on reducing the amount of arrests and prosecutions for the offense. According to statistics first compiled by Politico, the NYPD racked up 17,762 arrests in 2016, a ten percent rise...
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    NY: NYPD Replaces 'Stop And Frisk' With Ramped Up Pot Arrests

    The NYPD (New York Police Department) had to abandon its "stop and frisk" practice after it was found unconstitutional. The policy was meant to set people up for charges like possession of illegal substances, rather than tackle crimes that were actually happening. More specifically, it was used...
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    Upset mom-need advice

    first let me say how glad I am to find you all -Sat night my 16 yr old son got busted for smoking a joint in Central Park(NYC).His 1st offense,no prior warnings,nothing on him but the lit joint,school ID,metro card,cell phone & $18- The cops followed him and his friend driving the wrong way down...
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