1. C


    High, I'm new here, but in doing research, I am wondering: Is Growpech and igrowoakland taking over the weed market?? The Gropech site is 60,000 square feet and will produce 350lbs. a week?!? What do you think?:yikes:
  2. K

    First Grow! Oaksterdam Clones - Purple Dawg, G-Dawg, & Mystery Dawg (Joker)

    First Grow! Oaksterdam Clones from the blue sky coffee shop right by the campus I'm still relatively new to growing but I'm doing the best I can with what I have. I did a small 2 plant grow last but that was just for fun. This time I decided to get a little more serious with things. I know it's...
  3. ProClone

    Im a Oaksterdam transplant.

    THe Oaksterdam:yummy: Community Forms just got shut down permanately today.:helpsmilie: (0100) hrs. :rip: forums you will be missed. Please observe this time accordingly RoorRip and blaze one for the peeps. :passitleft:
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