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  1. 425jesse

    Perpetual Automation & Some Human Error: A Garden Of Jack, Barack & Some Duct Tape

    Well, the clones are rooting, the moms are fat, and we are ready to kick of another grow from the Pacific Northwest! My setup hasn’t changed too much...that being said here is what I have, and what’s changed. I run a hydroponic system with 8 growing locations. Each bucket gets fed from the 20...
  2. D

    Obama Kush RDWC hydroponics video and pics - Comments/subscribe!

    :420: I hope you enjoy, I will have more videos coming soon please keep checking back! Leave comments and subscribe to my channel on youtube to keep up to date. Obama kush RDWC wk 5 flower: Obama kush RDWC wk 5 flower - YouTube Obama kush RDWC week 4 flower: Obama kush RDWC week 4...
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