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    20200709_124923 (1).jpg

    What is this?
  2. C

    Feminized plant seeded!

    My Afghan indica just finished and I am finding seeds. Indoor grow. Feminized seeds. Led/CFL lighting. No exposure to the outside. Recirculating Fans/fresh home air. FF soil and Nutrients, Cloth bag pots. Completely dark when lights out. I am pretty sure one or two of my plants went...
  3. Fullyspectrum

    3 point and 2 point fan leaves

    Has anyone seen a plant that mainly has 3 point fan leaves however now has two point as well. Making a kind of pattern has a 2 point coming from left, 3 point in middle and a 2 point on right of a stem. Plant also has the odd 5 point leaf but doesn't throw many out. A very odd plant indeed...
  4. J

    Guess he got to high mouse in the plants

    Woke up this morning to check on the new mothers and found a mouse sleeping under the leafs at fist I thought that come to find out he was dead. Could only have been there 12 or so hours since I had last checked on them the day before. Mostly strange not sure if something in the soil could have...
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