1. Charmanderrr

    Overgrow oops

    Queue Jurassic Park music. Hi, I’m Charmander, and this is my overgrow. I really underestimated the amount of stretch during flower on these ladies. (Due to my weak 85w led lights) Does anyone have any recommendations? This second picture shows my desperate attempts. Using wire to wrap...
  2. IMG_20200516_162005.jpg


    White og again over watering or lack of letting medium dry out enough . . We got this sunshine is here 3 grams.lf shrooms life is good ..
  3. IMG_20191201_035419.jpg


    Auto ? Seedsman oops
  4. the godfather, hates me

    the godfather, hates me

    without lookin, u can tell they're loaners and do not appreciate, being grown with another hemisphere. i can do better. i WILL do better. prolly their own tank. still, no chance for cloning, UNLESS i go straight for the top... and i don't believe it'd ever recover, height wise, before finishing.
  5. IMG_20190925_214359.jpg


    This has to be the slowest burning flower ive cured and how smooth in a joint only after 7 plus days since chop.
  6. E566E704-9F9E-4D7C-8F8D-83B331F6FB97.png


    This is a nasty bruise from Fall the other day size of a big baseball she is tender tried to mention this to family doctor and got brushed off lol
  7. C6313724-2A67-4B10-BD17-2BAA17BE2436.jpeg


    Brooklyn sunrise auto
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