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    White og again over watering or lack of letting medium dry out enough . . We got this sunshine is here 3 grams.lf shrooms life is good ..
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    Auto ? Seedsman oops
  3. the godfather, hates me

    the godfather, hates me

    without lookin, u can tell they're loaners and do not appreciate, being grown with another hemisphere. i can do better. i WILL do better. prolly their own tank. still, no chance for cloning, UNLESS i go straight for the top... and i don't believe it'd ever recover, height wise, before finishing.
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    This has to be the slowest burning flower ive cured and how smooth in a joint only after 7 plus days since chop.
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    This is a nasty bruise from Fall the other day size of a big baseball she is tender tried to mention this to family doctor and got brushed off lol
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    Brooklyn sunrise auto
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