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    WeedSeedsExpress Deals: In's & Out's And More

    Hi Ladies and Gents! It's David here from Weedseedsexpress! Hope you all do well! @Teddy Edwards, reminded us to start a dedicated sponsor thread (thank you Teddy!) so we can keep you in the loop of all the nice things that are happening at Weedseedsexpress! Of course, we won't burden you...
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    need help with my first autoflower grow (outdoor, lowryder)

    hi havnt been on the site since last harvest season. i just got a lowryder autoflower seed from bonzaseed (anyone ever grown this strain? if so is it any good?). last year was my first grow and just had some random seeds. since i paid for this one and also havnt ever grown an autoflower i was...
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