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overmature bud

  1. trichomes

    This plant went too long, too many amber trichomes for my liking

    Just FYI lesson learned! This plant went too long,it started new growth from ripe buds, I thought it would go longer but trichomes filled in with amber within a few days, lesson learned..... watch your trichomes closely! It will still be delicious couch bud!
  2. M

    Over Mature Buds? Please Help!

    Some Approached My Plant The Over Day And Mentioned She Had "Over Mature Bud" Ok Heres Her Story. I Had Her In A Half Gallon Pot For A Little Over 5 Month. She Flowered. Then I Went Ahead And Moved Her To A 3 Gallon Pot. She Grew Taller You Could Say. But As Yet To But On Those "New Branches"...
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