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    How A Silicon Valley Billionaire Helped Get Marijuana Fully Legalized In California

    Californians overwhelmingly said yes to recreational marijuana on Election Day. Those in favor of the decision owe a big thanks to billionaire Silicon Valley fixture Sean Parker. The former Facebook president and founder of Napster contributed $8.5 million to the effort to legalize...
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    Sean Parker, Pushing Pot Legalization, Invisible In California Campaign

    Sean Parker, the billionaire tech tycoon who has helped push California to the precipice of legalizing marijuana, isn't talking. Parker, founding president of Facebook and co-founder of the file-sharing service Napster, has contributed $7.3 million toward the Proposition 64 legalization...
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    Sean Parker Doubles Down On Marijuana Legalization; Still Won't Say Why

    Sean Parker has doubled his investment in marijuana legalization. Following an initial $500,000 investment earlier in the year, the former Facebook president – who, in his mid-30s, is settling into a new lifestyle as a billionaire philanthropist and angel investor for political causes – donated...