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    Ut Oh Are These Nana's?

    Ok Guys, as I have mentioned plenty I am still a Newbie , and this is my first Atuo's, Tangerine dream and Blueberry. I have these 2 growing outside as I ran out of room in my small grow box. Growth rate, size, and overall health are awesome IMO. BUTTTT as of this morning while doing some close...
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    Autoflower Early Bud Development: When To Harvest?

    Ok, I must say, fast growing is an understatement when growing "Auto's". At least it is for my first grow. I have 2 "Tangerine Dream" and "2 Blueberry". All are the exact same age from seed, I topped and did LST on 1 of each for a comparison. To my surprise, one of the topped TD's started...
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    Yellowing at week 6 of Autoflower? Please advise!

    Hey guys, I'm at week 6 old and 10 days into flower on my first grow of a "Tangerine Dream" auto. I did top her after 4th node, and did some LST at first signs of pre-flowers. She was fed Advanced Nutrients 3 part mix thru veg, then a couple weeks back I switched to Fox Farms "Tiger Bloom" only...
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