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  1. AfricanGrower

    AfricanGrower's 1st Hydro Journal - Ebb&Flow - Bubblelicious 2013

    :welcome:and hello all fellow growers, some of you might of seen me around the forums browsing through and obtaining more information. All for this grow right here. This will be my first attempt at a hydro setup, but given that I have grown in soil before I feel I have a good amount of...
  2. R

    My First PC Grow! any help or suggestions by the seasoned vets is much appreciated

    im a first time grower, about to indulge on the adventure of making a PC growbox using CFL's...or LED. im not too sure which to use. to be honest, im a noob at this, and im hoping to get the help from u guys/gals to make this a success. i just hollowed out my old throwback desktop tower, and...
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