1. ptk2k

    Can Habanero pepper spray go bad? Pesticide

    i made a batch of organic habanero pepper spray about a week and a half ago, and just got around to using it, just precautionary. but it smelled really weird. i've used pepper spray before, but this batch had a gnarly stink to it. just as much burning sensation in my nose and throat (through a...
  2. Katelyn Baker

    Broccoli Rabe Gets A Cannabis Kick

    The sense of satisfaction that comes from a home-cooked meal is indescribable, and let's face it...things can get boring in the kitchen really fast without a little culinary creativity. Staple sides have dominated dinner-plate real estate for years, and the time has come for the usual suspects...
  3. Flybye

    Abandoned FlyBye's LED - SCROG - Soil - Dr. Pepper - Indica

    Nice to get life back in the shed. just getting this started. will get some info in soon Below are my new babies Dr. Pepper Clones, Indica I stuck these 6 days ago
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