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  1. StonerWunSimba

    New grower to the site: meet Dolo, bagseed

    Hey guys!! Just wanted to post my lil bag seed I've been pouring my love into. Her name is Dolo because she was the only seed to take root out of 3 bag seeds. Also I'm claiming she a female so she know what I expect from her lol. She broke ground Jan 5. She started on a 45watt led and a 7 watt...
  2. H

    New From ID

    Whats up everyone?! I'm hobie i've been smoking the M.J. to help with my back and stuff for years. i'm 19 live in idaho, marijuana is not legalized here but gotta keep your fingers crossed. i wanna grow for personal use. just debating. if anyone has any advice on how much and how i should do so...
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