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    Added a 300 watt mars hydro on for extras light as trailer trash betty was stretching hard in hopes to reduce a bit light at 26 inches
  2. ECE9A457-C67F-4D49-A734-8AA48053EAD5.jpeg


    Derbybud day one in tent on 20/4
  3. 3EE594FB-DF6E-459C-A8E7-BDCD34EB14BA.jpeg


    In tent at 60watts and 30” away only under fusion boards
  4. 4A8FC0E8-77D3-4CDF-AE03-BC54FB28AA73.jpeg


    Oh my gosh I took 4x2.5x5 tent down tonight wow . Moved OGC and big bomb into big tent lots of room but OGC is doing very well big bomb seems stunted or something will see big bomb now under fushion at 10” and OGC around 15 inches away under reflector 144 mars hydro series