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plant growth

  1. GanjaGearhead

    Mohawk Topping By Chief Willie, Southern Ohio

    Posted by request from a Growing friend (aka, Chief Willie) The basic reasons for topping are usually to make a plant bushy, grow more large colas, and to make an even garden profile. When a plant is topped, the growth inhibiting hormones are removed. Branches then grow faster. These same...
  2. D

    Seed overcrowding - Help

    Okay guys first good morning to you all I need advice . I think i know the answer but i want to make sure before i do anything rash. i planted seeds recently in 2x2 rockwool cubes two a cube and i am now reading (which i should've done more of , i realize my mistake) I planted two seeds per cube...
  3. C

    Vegging Light-Cycle!?

    What is the best light cycle to use when plants are in the vegetative stage..? 24hrs LIGHTS-ON...? or 18hrs LIGHTS-ON & 6hrs LIGHTS-OFF...? I know some people say 24hrs on will just cost more and thats it, while others claim the growth is *MUCH* faster with a 24hr lights-on cycle. I...
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