1. K

    Plasma light for growing weed? Anybody have used stadium light for growing?

    ya hi all folks new to here guys i got a question about light is here anybody using a stadium light ( like 2000W light that runs super long ) i have a chance to get a plasma light stadium light 2000W, it is super light i ever seen in my life except the sun in summer daylight. and it...
  2. L

    Anyone here using plasma light

    Curious if anyone here uses plasma.
  3. L

    Plasma lighting thread

    Looking for other people using Plasma Lighting. Preferably Gavita Lep.
  4. Mr Messy

    Plasma, to pay the money or not to pay the money, that is the question?

    Has anyone got plasma lighting and is it worth the cash over HPS split spectrum such as Gravita or Son-T?
  5. K

    Grow Light Options Discussion

    The other day I was having a conversation with another grower I know about, what else, growing! In particular we were discussing grow lights and we had a bit of a disagreement over what was the best in terms of actual performance, overall cost, cost compared to performance, and so on...
  6. G

    Plasma Lighting. Is it good

    I am a newbie starting from scratch. The guy at my local store is telling me that Plasma is the way to go because you dont have heat issues, and it is far better then HPS. Can anyone verify that this is the way to go? Also he is suggesting the "lighthead plasma grow gen 3" which is due...
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