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  1. Dabpress

    What is anodized rosin plate kit? How to use it?

    Anodization is a industrial craft used on the metal surface. It'll improve the metal corrosion resistance, hardness, heat resistance. You may click below link to see how it looks like: Best Rosin Cube Kits With Dual Coil Heater Temp Controller For Sale
  2. ShiggityFlip

    Rosin Press: Information Thread

    Hey all, I have been wanting to put up a rosin tech thread. About six months ago Pakalolohawaii posted a rosin tech thread that blew my mind. How to - Rosin Tech So the generalized idea of Rosin Tech is this. 1. Cut a 3' x 6" piece of parchment paper.(not wax paper!) 2. Take a bud and flatten...