1. Farthestnorth

    Indoor Auto Flower Grow: GG#4, Girl Scout Cookies x2 & 1 Northern Lights

    New journal starts now after last plant hermed on me. I got 4 seeds currently germinating in water glasses. Have everything all set up with living soil cooking for a month. I will be placing my germinated or un germinated seeds in organic pods and placing in their final resting place in my...
  2. Keepinitgreen

    Abandoned KeepinItGreens - PNW Outdoor - Sweet Island Skunk - Blue Cheese - Grow 2015

    Hey 420mag, I've been meaning to make an account and post my grow journal of my current grow for a while now but have just gotten around to it. Well, here you go! I hope my plants aren't too shabby for you guys. Haha. This is my personal two plant grow, aside from my 16 plant hoop house for...
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