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  1. A


    Sup all I grow hydroponics (RDWC). I'll be posting soon :thumb:
  2. PaintMeGreen

    A big hello from Argentina! Finally growing for the first time, could use some advice

    Hello 420 family! Greetings and a many thank you's for all the awesome things I've had the pleasure of seeing posted here, now I finally decided to sign up for the forum and start posting since, well, I even got my own plants now! Would really appreciate any kind of tip, encouragement or advise...
  3. bridgeofsighs

    Be careful posting pictures

    Just a heads up. I think everyone should be very careful about posting plant pics. I was cruising around Youtube, and I found a video that contained a lot of my pictures from a grow. The only place they were posted was in a gallery and thread from this forum. Someone took the pictures, put them...
  4. T

    Posting Pics

    Ive been trying but with no luck. Why does posting a pic have to be so fucking confusing? Im gonna go find a forum where posting a pic is simple like the rest of the world does.
  5. FriarTuck

    How do I upload photos?

    i'm new to this and first posting. how do i upload pictures here? thank you.
  6. Heraldo

    Heraldo's Outdoor Journal - 2016

    First off, I'm new to posting in forums so please let me know if I screw something up (posting, uploading pics, whatever) let me know. At the moment I've got 1 plant going (born Jan. 20). It's from the "Buddha assorted auto mix" so I don't know exactly what strain it is. It's got a bit of...
  7. I

    Just joined

    Hello. I'll be over at grow journal posting my progress :)