1. Bubble Gum

    Bubble Gum

    Bubble Gum clone. Rooted in rockwool, potted into 2 parts All mix, 1 part worm castings. Ready to flower.
  2. T

    Growing on the equator

    growing in Bogota Colombia, high altitude, temps 46 night 70 day. to cold at night? heat blanket maybe for the night? Outdoor patio grow in big pots. I'm very new to the forum thing so sorry in advance if I did this wrong. I have grown in the past several times, living in PA it was always...
  3. jddrews

    On a deck in Portland, OR

    Here are some pics of my first grow. Both plants started from seed last February and transplanted to their current location in April. Just about 2 weeks into flowering now. Everything seems to be going smoothly.
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