raised bed

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    Ammending a BioBizz products based soil

    Hi, I want to grow in a 260L 3x3 bed in No-Till with mulch, cover crops, and dry amendments. I went to a local grow shop and they recommended this mix: All are BioBizz products: - 100L AllMix - 50L Coco - 40L vermicompost - 50L perlite. But I preferred to use Pozzolana for durability. - 5L...
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    Mmmomma's First Grow Outdoors Strawberry Dream & SFV OG - 2013

    I have started my grow and need help. I was not going to do a journal because I don't know what the hell I'm doing honestly, but I think I need help and this is probably the best way to get it. I have been reading all the forums, and how to's. Great information out there! I am brand new to...
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