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    Purple monkey balls grown by me..oh she is yummy..
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    Here was a shot taken last night Trailer trash betty
  3. C

    Seedlings burned from light - Need good advice please

    So I have started some reg jesus kush seeds and they got burnt under 200 wat floru cfl 6500k I was very sick in bed for a couple days I wasn't watching them closely i forgot to raise the light after they sprouted ...since they r reg seeds don't know if i should waste time hoping they will...
  4. Jackalope

    Panama D.C.

    Has anyone grown out Panama D C Im thinking that is what got instead of my panama reg. These plants are light green stocky and thick.
  5. C

    Fem or reg seeds

    fem or reg seeds for making a mother need advice from experience growers only iv read so much back and forth and seriously its a hard decision ...
  6. 4

    My stash of Regs

    I know, it's just regs, but it helps me out in many ways RoorRip Let me know what you think :)
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