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  1. Ron Strider

    Italian Court Rules It's 'Okay For Rastafarians To Smoke Marijuana When Meditating'

    An Italian court has acquitted a man of cannabis possession because he is a Rastafarian and was using the drug to meditate. The 30-year-old was arrested in May last year after police found eight grams of cannabis in his pocket and a further 50 grams at his home. A prosecutor called for him...
  2. K

    Why Do Rastafarians Use Marijuana In Their Religion?

    Rastafarians are associated with reggae music, dreadlocks, Bob Marley and of course marijuana. Rastas often refer to weed as "The Holy Herb" and consider it to be sacred. Do Rastas smoke marijuana just to get high, or does it have some other meaning in their culture and religion? The...
  3. p122654

    Roger Christie Senate Resolution 12

    Here is the text of SR12 that calls on the Obama Administration to free Roger Chistie and conduct an investigation into misconduct by Federal law enforcement. Signed and introduced by Senators SLOM, RUDERMAN, BAKER, KOUCHI, L. THIELEN and WAKAI. THE SENATE TWENTY-SEVENTH LEGISLATURE...
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