1. N

    Strains request

    Howdy folks. I'm still new to growing though I do hope to get an indoor setup soon. So I'm looking for a few types of strains sold as regular seeds, not feminized, so I can produce my own seeds and keep a constant supply of my favourite strains. I'd also prefer regular to autoflower seeds since...
  2. K

    ME: Board Tables Change Of Use Request For Marijuana Dispensary

    The Boothbay Planning Board tabled a change of use request March 15 for a Wiscasset Road property over a disagreement about the application's intent. Medical marijuana caregivers Darrell Gudroe and Jan Martin, both of Boothbay, submitted an application for a marijuana-growing and retail space...
  3. Raiven

    A Humble Request for a Thread Title Change

    Hello! I humbly ask for a thread title change... I currently have an OnGoing Grow Journal entitled: Raiven's 1st Indoor Grow: THC Bomb Auto / Cr+ / Fruity Chronic Juice - 2014 I request that the title be changed to: Raiven's 1st Indoor Grow: THC Bomb Auto - 2014 Also wondering, if you are...
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