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  1. C

    New member - First grow tent - In need of serious assistance

    Was informed today...that our local ordinance will now require that personal grows now take place inside. Being disabled..and relying on the sun for light has been my only experience growing cannabis. I only require to grow about 3 to 4 autos at a time..then switch to 2 to 3 main plants. My...
  2. GanjaGed

    No love for MN

    Maybe I'll try to pick up the mantle here :) I guess you can't really get excited for a State that has managed to lose $11 million dollars in 2 years selling marijuana! And now our brilliant strategy is to set up conditions that require interstate transportation... I'm just hoping the...
  3. K

    Washington To Require 'Not For Kids' Label On Pot Products

    Olympia, Washington - Washington officials say they plan to require a new "Not For Kids" label on edible marijuana products sold at the state's legal pot shops. The symbol , chosen by the Washington Poison Center, features a bright red hand held up in a "stop" gesture, accompanied by the...
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