1. Pot Head

    Pot Head

    Are you a Pot Head? Do you strive for the best taste. are you always searching for the best effect?. a TRUE Pot Head does NOT toke out of a Rinsed Bong,,, a Pot Head tokes from a clean piece for best effect.
  2. IMG_20200919_134350.jpg


    Legacy og CSI Humboldt through my wooden fence onto my chill neighbors yard .
  3. IMG_20200207_000614.jpg


    Bruce banger she is juicy dense dank beautiful buds. Every bag had at least a 12-15 gram bud in it lol
  4. IMG_20200101_214348.jpg


    Pink kush shot -barneys farm. Very nice genetic s here. Nice kush smell I am digging her Terps .
  5. EF92AFF1-1B45-4CE0-9CFD-5117BD90ACAA.jpeg


    Well here she is my beautiful cherry bomb by bomb seeds here we go ladies and gentlemen.
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