1. D

    New from Michigan

    Greetings. I'm an Army vet and just starting growing indoors and then on my land next spring. Having some grow issues right now with my Albino Rhino plants but hopefully Ill sort it out. But wanted to say hi.
  2. Ron Strider

    CO: Marijuana Review - Blue Rhino

    A zone-out-and-lie-down sort of weed that'll make your joints hum a whole bunch and the holes around your eyeballs throb a little bit, Blue Rhino provides a steady, unwavering high and has a one-note stoned kind of thing going on. In contrast to some of the discordant weed strains I've dubbed...
  3. O

    Tent setup help

    ive got a 2mx2mx2m tent and want to put 20-25 bluedream haze plants in if i put 4x600w lights in would a 8" rhino fan extractor and a 5" rhino fan intake be enough to get rid of the heat and smell out of the tent thanks every1 newbie here sorry
  4. K

    Welcome To Our New Sponsor Rhino Seeds

    Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor Rhino Seeds to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world. 420 Magazine began life 23 years ago in an endeavor to end prohibition by creating a forum where appreciation and awareness of the Cannabis plant could flourish. We are not...
  5. M


    Hi. I need a product that can be bought from Europe that contains silica and is for vege/vege+flower. I use Advanced Nutrients but their Rhino Skin is for flowering so I wanna try some. Heard it's good. ^^
  6. F

    Negative pressure query

    Hi everyone, I finally have all my equipment and will be setting it all up this coming weekend. I've been doing last minute research more specifically on negative pressure. This will be my first attempt at growing (anything for that matter). My tent is a Jardin DS120 which will run a 6" Rhino...
  7. C

    1 week into bloom - Any advice?

    Hey guys I'm 1 week into bloom with with 4 different strains, I. Bulk x2, WWxBB x2, Champions Cheese and 2 Super Skunk, any advice would be welcomed, I'll post some pictures later. TENT - 240 x 240 x 240 - secret jardin CF - Rhino pro 880 CFM Rhino pro Fan - 1080 CFM 20 liter root nurses...
  8. R

    White Rhino looks like backyard weed and grows slower/harder than a turtle

    Hello for starters, good to be here. I'm by no means an expert in weed tho I did read my eyes out on the subject. I do however have some issues with my white rhino plant. It was "born" a month ago and it's been under 18h of light for the past 25 days. White Rhino Around 600W of light Grown in...
  9. gr865

    Completed Fall '15 - White Rhino & Exodus Cheese

    Hoping to journal this grow, but I am still extremely busy. Ok, here are two pic of WR and EC first day of sprout. Put them in jars of water for 24 hrs then into paper towels for a day and one of the two WR popped and the single EC popped. Only had one White Rhino pop out of 5 that I had...
  10. gr865

    Exodus Cheese & White Rhino Clones - Sort of a SOG

    The clones have the cabinet to themselves now! I removed the parents to these ladies, harvested the Exodus Cheese last Sunday an it's curing now. I've had the White Rhino in the dark since yesterday and will chop it this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I started this clone grow with 26 plants...
  11. farside05

    Completed Farside05's 2nd Auto Grow Journal - Multiple Strains

    OK, my 1st grow was a learning experience. Hopefully I learned something and this one will turn out better. Here are the particulars: Strains = 2 - Sweet Trainwreck (Sweets Seeds), 1 - Ice Cool (Sweet Seeds), 1 - Rhino Ryder (Fastbud Seeds) Soil = Pro-Mix BX + 20% Perlite Container = 3...
  12. doctor green

    Abandoned Dr Green's White Rhino Monsters vs High Numbers 2015

    So here we go! I am growing out 4 white rhinos into fimmed LST'd monsters. Along side I am growing out 44 white rhinos ( will they all fit haha) At the moment they are all in the same tent a 2x2x2 m jungleroom vegging under 1 x 600 mh and 1 x 600 hps in a mix of perlite soil and...
  13. N

    Help with different size plants

    hi everyone, this is my first time posing and growing (look at me popping 2 cherry's at once lol). im running a 1.2x1.2 tent with 600w HiD, euro reflector and magnetic ballast. 150mm rhino L1 with 150mm rhino filter run of a rhino RC-1 controller and a 2000kW thermally controlled oil filled...
  14. M

    Completed Rhino 33 Days Into Flower With Pics!

    hi boys and girls, this is my little grow, it's rhino, all from cutting's. Using all mix soil, 600watt hps, bio grow and bio bloom, 1000 x 1000 x 2000 bud box. these pics were taken yesterday, day 33 of flowering. what you reckon peeps!? :slide:
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