1. K

    Kooks DNA Feminized Kushberry & Rocklock Grow Journal

    :welcome: havent been on for years. got some extra time on my hands during this grow so why not document for the masses. i picked up 6 feminized Dna Genetics kushberry (ogkushXoregon blueberry) and 6 rocklock(rockstarXwarlock) germed 3 each in separate glass cups of purified water.within a...
  2. OmegaDoom

    Pineapple Chunk, Chronic, Rocklock, Special Queen, and more.. 8 Weeks Flower

    Hello and welcome to my first journel here at 420 Mag. I vegged my ladies out for 2 weeks and dropped the light cycle over a period of 3 days by 2 hour increments a day. They are at 8 weeks flower now and looking great. I have got a bunch of pics but only a few of them resized so bare with me...
  3. H

    Second Grow Deep Water Culture SCROG Lemon Skunk Blueberry Rocklock Bubba Kush

    Starting a second journal for second try at "Moms in soil, clones in Deep Water Culture". For those interested in catching up on my first grow cycle, it is here. First Grow Procyon 100 Lemon Skunk Big Bang My next post will be details and pics of new cycle.
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