1. K

    Abandoned Kooks DNA Feminized Kushberry & Rocklock Grow Journal

    :welcome: havent been on for years. got some extra time on my hands during this grow so why not document for the masses. i picked up 6 feminized Dna Genetics kushberry (ogkushXoregon blueberry) and 6 rocklock(rockstarXwarlock) germed 3 each in separate glass cups of purified water.within a...
  2. OmegaDoom

    Completed Pineapple Chunk, Chronic, Rocklock, Special Queen, and more.. 8 Weeks Flower

    Hello and welcome to my first journel here at 420 Mag. I vegged my ladies out for 2 weeks and dropped the light cycle over a period of 3 days by 2 hour increments a day. They are at 8 weeks flower now and looking great. I have got a bunch of pics but only a few of them resized so bare with me...
  3. H

    Abandoned Second Grow Deep Water Culture SCROG Lemon Skunk Blueberry Rocklock Bubba Kush

    Starting a second journal for second try at "Moms in soil, clones in Deep Water Culture". For those interested in catching up on my first grow cycle, it is here. 420 Magazine ® My next post will be details and pics of new cycle.
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