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    Rook's 2nd Journal Grow - MarsHydro vs HPS 1000W - Side By Side

    This will be my second journal and hopefully a great one. I will be doing a side by side in a 5ft x 10ft tent. Inside 5x5 will 2 MarsHydro 2 1200w and the other side will be 1 1000w HPS Hortilux bulb powered by Solis Tek Ballast, reflector will either be Raptor 6" or Magnum xxxl 6". I have both...
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    Rook's - 3 Tent - 4 Strain - Soil - On Going Grow - 2015

    This is my first post on any 420 forum. I thought I'd start by making a grow Journal. This is my 3rd grow ever. My first was 9 Golden Goat plants under 2000w HPS for a total of 1 1/2 Lbs. My second was just 2 plants of auto seeds which were free for 1 1/2 Ounces. This is my third grow which is...
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