root growth

  1. T

    Light Vs Root Growth - Help

    Ok so i have 1 simple question today, i have switched my lights to a 20/4 on off cycle, does the darkness promote root growth, that is my simple and only question for you today.
  2. WizHigh

    Best Root Enhancers?

    What root enhancer would you recommend out of Canna Rhizotonic, H&G Root Enhancer, GH Root Enhancer, AN Voodoo Juice???
  3. WestBlunts

    Superthrive and Liquid Karma help?

    I want to put my Blue Dream from seed on Liquid Karma & Superthrive to help promote root mass. Is this a good idea? If it is, can I put her on both at the same time?(not in the same gallon of water though) or which one first and at what amounts... -Sprouted 7/18/12 -FFoF soil(transplanted...
  4. NACnCO

    What Is Your Watering Philosophy?

    1. Do you water a little often, or a lot less often? 2. Do you dump it in, pour it slow, aim for the edge of the pot or center? 3. How dry do you let your babies get before you give them a drink? 4. Nutes every time? 5. Have you had a bad experience with underwatering...
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