root system

  1. B

    Short long cabinet - How to utilize the space

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has some tips for working in a short area, its about 2.6' high, 2.8 with the bottom cut 2 feet wide and 7 feet long. Wondering how best to utilize the space, thinking I should do a kinda tray like setup they got on lettuce farms, just wondering things to be...
  2. WizHigh

    Best Root Enhancers?

    What root enhancer would you recommend out of Canna Rhizotonic, H&G Root Enhancer, GH Root Enhancer, AN Voodoo Juice???
  3. 1seaweed1

    sorry no help in cloning section:Clones sprouting roots from upper nodes growing down

    Great Grow Gods, I have Clones sprouting roots from upper nodes growing down to cubes! There are a dozen in a NGW grow tray and dome. I have a heating pad under it and these are the directions I was told... After cloning at least 2 nodes in the cube and a few over, remove plastic from...
  4. B

    Is a 2 gallon pot spacious enough for flowering root system?

    I am about to get my setup but am confused on the right size pot/bucket for my flowering room. I read 3 gallon pots/buckets are recommended but most stores sell preassembled systems that are 2 gallon ones. It seems like the majority of these ready to go setups are 2 gallons. Is a 2 gallon pot...
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