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royal dwarf

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    Royal Dwarf Harvest

    Hi guys and gals, this is my first grow and harvest. I cut that baby yesterday. I'd like to hear your opinion if the time was right to harvest? I only discovered this forum today :thumb: Cheers harpo
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    First Grow - Royal Dwarf - Custom Stealth LED - Chest Of Drawers

    Hello and welcome to my first cannabis grow. Setup chest of drawers with size: 51inches(130cm) height, 47inches(120cm) length and 15(40cm) depth 180w grow led light 38w 6500k esl one 7l and one 5l pot active carbon filter rock wool to silence the closet Flower and seedling soil...
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    Mind's First Grow: Royal Dwarf - Autoflower - CFL - Soil - Home-made Growbox

    Hi :420: :welcome: to my first grow! I've read through tons of grow journals, seen some amazing things and even picked up some ideas for my very own first grow. So here is the whole deal itself: I ordered 3 Royal Dwarf seeds: they are autoflowering seeds, a mix of Skunk x Ruderalis...
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