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  1. kingfisher

    2nd Grow Sonoff CO2 4x4 Tent LED Soil

    2nd grow in soil and LED. This time adding a bit more tech. Sonoff WiFi switch timer/controller the fan and CO2. This set-up has the 4CH switch controlling the TH16. Why, because the 4CH has NO loop timer but the TH16 has that type of timer. The TH16 set at 1hr off, 3 minutes on, looping timer...
  2. I

    Runt Seedling

    What does it mean when your shoot is a total RUNT!?! I germinated the seed in the soil and the light was approx 18 inches away. It took two days for the shoot to break through, but it is sooo stunted now. I now have the light about 2 feet above it... What does it mean when you have a runt...
  3. veinz

    Pollination of the runt

    this ones for you emilya:3: i pollinated the runt 'good one' i'll keep you posted the runt is no name medical seeds may i say the rest 9/10 went great so plus one for the seed breeder the pollen i got from a girlfriend who said it was kind of sativa leaved and i put straight into...